Zerologon Windows vulnerability – Critical

Hackers activity on Windows #CVE_2020_1472 vulnerability is on increase. Remember to keep your Windows VPS or RDP OS updated and take working periodical backup. RDP users are highly recommended to enable auto update in their RDP Windows settings.

New Windows and Linux VPS in Germany

We  have successfully extended our Germany network with brand-new servers. Germany is a good choice if you need to upload huge files to file-hosts in Europe. buy Germany Windows VPS or Linux VPS:

New promo for USA Wiindows and Linux VPS

We have extended our USA network recently for both Windows VPS and Linux VPS as a result we would like to provide all old and new customers with huge discount of %15 life time discount. To use the promo use the code “ap2013” during the order:  

New Czech servers , new promotion

We have launched our new servers from Czech Republic , Zlin city. Zlin located in central Europe and all servers are connected to gigabytes port which guarantees decent upload/download to all European network due to the great backbones and peering. We are providing double CPU or double HDD for 3 months subscription on all Czech RDP (Windows VPS) […]

What makes VPS hosting the best option for hosting web applications

Making a choice to switch to VPS hosting can have awful complication especially if you are not keen / familiar with the benefits and most importantly the features of the virtual private server. Take note, familiarizing yourself with how best to take advantage of VPS hosting will make it easier for you to invest properly […]

Cheap VPS: the best hosting option

Lately a number of websites have been brought up because the internet has clearly proven to be such a wonderful tool that promotes business of all kinds. This being the case, it is very important that regardless of the nature of your website: whether old or new website it should be hosted by a company […]

Windows VPS – the main advantages

Windows VPS happens to be a comparatively new service in hosting industry. However, even though it is quite new, it has been gaining immense popularity very quickly. Till not so long back, the only choice individuals and business had was a shared or dedicated server. However, in case someone’s business was too large to go […]

Windows VPS – all that you want to know

Windows VPS stands for Windows Virtual Private Server. Opting for Windows VPS server means getting a very secure platform for launching your site. Sever companies can provide you with the Windows hosting packages that will meet all your needs. They come in handy if you happen to have completely remote access and if you have […]