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AMinServe provides high quality VPS, RDP, and dedicated server for affordable price from variety of locations such as USA (IL, NC, NY, CA), France, Netherlands, United Kingdoms, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada.

All of VPS and RDP (Windows VPS with remote desktop enabled) services are based on fully dedicated resources (ram, cpu, hard drive) and there is not any kind of overselling on any of our servers. All servers are connected to gigabytes ports with unmetered bandwidth, it means you can transfer data (upload or download) as much as you want on our fantastic internet ports. Full admin/root access are included in VPS and RDP services by default.

AMinServe team use Vmware esxi and KVM for virtualization to obtain the highest stability, dedicated kernel, possible. This guarantees the best possible up-time and reduce the amount of abuses.

AMinServe VPS services are compatible with all regular OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and IOS.

  • Testimonial


    I just love AMinServe it’s great no downtime awesome support great prices it’s the number 1 vps provider out there. I recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable host. Lisa Cafe

    I have been using aminserve.com USA RDP since 2 last year and it was the best RDP I ever had. Both the uptime and connection speed was always great. I am using it for my SEO works also storing my important files. I recommend aminserve.com for all who need quality services. Mohammed

    I have been with Aminserve for more than 2 years and their servers are cheap, reliable and their up-time is right there among the top. They respond to emails very fast and their support excellent. If you are looking for VPS go with these guys and they will give big name providers a run for …

    I just got one of the UK plans w/ the 10% off code and double CPU promotion. The archiving speed is AMAZING and it’s so nice to be able to download the programs I need without having to go through customer support like with a RDP. I hope this service is around for a long …

    Thats RDP is awsome evrywon need buy from this Quality VPS! Speed -AWSOME! Download- AWSOME Admin- AWSOME! Server – Awsome ! 5 stars from me ! mastercho

    Speeds are amazing, I get +30mb/sec download from FS and about 10-15mb/sec from RS, upload wise I get about 15-20mb/sec upload over a few connections to FS which is good. The RDP interface isnt laggy, so far I havent tested out torrents but I will eventually, I would assume it will do just as well …

    Great guy to deal with! Fast service and very helpful Great VPS! Highly Recommended!!!! Surfer


  • Real Unmetered bandwidth
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7 Quality Support

$13.95Unmeterd Bandwidth
  • 5 States
  • 99.99% UpTime
  • Windows (RDP) and Linux VPS
$23.95Unmetered Bandwidth
  • DMCA free
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Windows (RDP) and Linux VPS
$19.95Unmeterd Bandwidth
  • Manchester
  • 99.99% UpTime
  • Windows (RDP) and Linux VPS
$19.95Unmeterd Bandwidth
  • Raid10 Storage
  • 99.99% uptme
  • Windows (RDP) and Linux VPS
$15.95Unmeterd Bandwidth
  • Montreal
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Windows (RDP) and Linux VPS

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