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Get your Admin USA RDP instantly with 24/7 Remote Access. Our private USA RDP locations include Illinois (Chicago), California (Los Angeles), New York (NYC), Washington (Seattle), Texas (Dallas) and Florida (Miami) and more on request. Full admin control of CPU, RAM, storage and dedicated IP address. Install software, store files securely, and run apps without interruptions. Remote Desktop, HTML5 browser, and VNC access anytime from anywhere - no waiting for support. Use your USA RDP remotely just like your home PC. Your personal virtual desktop online 24/7 with our fast USA servers.




20 GB Storage

1024 MB RAM

1 CPU core

Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile


40 GB Storage

2048 MB RAM

1 CPU core

Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile


60 GB Storage

3072 MB RAM

2 CPU core

Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile


80 GB Storage

4096 MB RAM

2 CPU core

Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile


150 GB Storage

8192 MB RAM

3 CPU core

Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile


USA RDP is a computer located in your selected state in USA with your chosen amount of RAM, CPU, HDD and OS. It is online 24/7. You can use a RDP just like your home PC for your purposes.

Yes, all of our RDP services are fully private and dedicated, no one has any access to your RDP. Buy RDP with dedicated IP for the period of contract.

AMinServe accepts Perfect-money, Web-money, PayPal and almost all coins like BTC, ETH, XMR, Local bank transfer, local cards and many more.

Dedicated server is a physical machine while RDP is a virtual computer being hosted on a dedicated server. Windows:

In AMinServe, RDP equals to Windows VPS. So technically they are almost the same. If you don’t know what to choose, always go for RDP.

Yes you can. Since you are admin, you can install and use VPN or proxy inside your RDP. For maximum security buy VPN from , open ticket and provide your RDP password, we will install it for you.

Your RDP speed depends on the plan you choose (RAM and CPU), higher plans are faster. Internet speed for all of our RDP services are 1Gbps.

You can use any remote desktop application to connect to your RDP from Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. All operating systems have multiple remote desktop applications, free and paid. Here is a video for

Illinois (Chicago), California (Los Angeles), New York (NYC), Washington (Seattle), Texas (Dallas) ,Florida (Miami), Oregon, Virginia, Nevada (Las Vegas), Denver and Ohio are available. Click on order to choose the USA state you want the RDP from.

The RDP OS has nothing to do with your PC/Laptop OS. So buy RDP from any plan with any OS, it does not matter what your PC is. You can even use your phone to connect to the RDP.

Yes, you will get 5% of your referred clients payment, life time. Contact support to activate it for your account.

Yes, you can enable “Drives Sharing” in your remote desktop application and directly copy/paste files from or to your RDP. You can alternatively upload your files to free host and then download it in your RDP or reverse.

Why Choose Us

Fast uplink

Blazing Fast Connectivity: Our servers harness the power of dedicated 1Gbps or 2Gbps ports for full duplex transmission, giving you ultra-responsive speeds.

Since 2010

Trusted & Experienced: We've been obsessively focused on delivering maximum reliability and complete customer satisfaction since we first opened our doors in 2010.


Your Privacy is Sacred: You can trust us to fiercely protect your privacy and anonymity. We never share your details or compromise your security in any way.

Easy to use control panel

Effortless Control: Our intuitive control panel puts you in charge, making it simple to manage your services with just a few clicks.


AminServe's hosting plans are scalable, so you can easily upgrade your plan as your needs grow. All your files and valuable stuff remains intact.

Multiple payments

Aminserve accepts BTC and major cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Perfectmoney and multiple local payments


RDP in 12 locations

VPS in 12 locations

VPN in 50 locations

Dedicated Server in 3 locations

aminserve network






Montreal - Canada
Dallas - USA
Virginia - USA
New York - USA
Chicago - USA
Miami - USA
Los Angeles - USA

Client Testimonials

“I just had the pleasure of having assisted by Gabriel, had an offer, an invoice and the server is on it's way in less than 15 minutes. best service i have ever encountered. pleasure doing business with you and being assisted by Gabriel! 10/10 A+++!”
“I have been using services from last 2 years, and I am very much happy with the quality of service. I would recommend their servers to anyone who is looking for the best. Excellent team & email response is great!!!n.”
“Me and my friends are using AMinServe services for more than 7 years. I would like to admit Brilliant support and immediate help provided by the staff. They always do EXACTLY what I need with no delays! The up-time of all machines was 100%. I have never experienced any security or hardware issues with them! They have recovered my server even after termination! That's the best VPS and dedicated services provider I have ever seen. Thank you guys !.”
Randy Marsh

Can’t decide which plan is right for you? We will guide you step by step.