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Windows and Linux VPS

Choose the VPS country
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What you will receive with your VPS

Full root/admin access

All OS available

Any Linux, Windows and even use your own iso

Unmetered traffic


Raid10 storage and weekly/daily backup available

Easy Upgrade/Downgrade

4 payment methods

PerfectMoney, WebMoney PayPal and all cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin)

P2P and Torrent allowed

99.99% uptime

RDP is always online

AMinServe’s VPS plans are hosted on high performance KVM and Vmware nodes, offers unmetered traffic, guaranteed uptime and weekly/daily backup on request. You focus on your business and we guarantee your VPS stability and up-time

WHY CHOOSING aminserve

Coming from another provider? Contact our support and we will do the migration for free!
All servers are connected to full duplex dedicated 1Gbps port. Some even to 2Gbps.
99.9% UPTIME
We guarantee 99.9% uptime for the network on all services. Rely on us and focus on your business.
We respect your privacy, you are safe with and we do not share any details with any one. We can offer anonymous communications.
Our trained staff are always ready to help you for your services, fast and efficiently with creative solutions.
SINCE 2010
Established in 2010, AMinServe is one of the most known companies in hosting industry. We have happy clients staying with us since 2010.

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