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Rent reliable, safe and offshore Switzerland dedicated server. All servers are connected to multiple BGP and 100% CISCO network facilities. Choose from wide variety of CPU, RAM, HDD and SSD drives, all upgrade-able. Switzerland dedicated servers are DMCA free. It means you are not forced or even asked to remove contents or files due to DMCA removal complains, we simply ignore them and you will not even notice! Enjoy the privacy of our offshore dedicated servers.

Huge traffic

100TB and 1Gbps Unmetered servers available

99.99% up-time

Fast and reliable network

Windows / Linux

 Free Windows 2012/2016 or Linux available on request

Gigabyte port

Dedicated 1Gbps internet port for all plans

Free IPv6

Free /48 IPv6 on request

DMCA free

You will not receive any DMCA removal request. Host whatever you want!

Intel Processor Core i7 in Germany dedicated server

Latest Intel® processor technology ensures the highest levels of performance for your applications

Switzerland dedicated server

Enjoy the highest privacy for your data and account in the safe heaven of offshore hosting.

  • Dual 5620 CPU (8 cores with total score of 8237)
  • 8GB RAM (up to 32GB)
  • 1TB HDD (upto 8 HDD/SSD are available)
  • 20TB traffic on 1Gbps port
  • /30 IPv4 + free /48 IP6 (more IPv4 are available)

  • Dual 5650 CPU (12 cores with total score of 11585)
  • 16GB RAM (up to 128GB)
  • 1TB HDD (upto 8 HDD/SSD are available)
  • 20TB traffic on 1Gbps port
  • /30 IPv4 + free /48 IP6 (more IPv4 are available)

  • Dual E5-2670 CPU (16 cores with total score of 18322)
  • 32GB RAM (up to 128GB)
  • 1TB HDD (upto 8 HDD/SSD are available)
  • 20TB traffic on 1Gbps port
  • /30 IPv4 + free /48 IP6 (more IPv4 are available)

  • Storage server (Dual X5675 CPU)
  • 32GB RAM
  • Up to 4X 10TB HDD
  • 20TB traffic on 1Gbps port
  • /30 IPv4 + free /48 IP6 (more IPv4 are available)

Available addons for Switzerland Dedicated server

Windows 2012/2016

 Windows 2012/2016 is available for free!

Extra Traffic

 Extra traffic is available at $3 per TB
Upgrade to 100TB for $100 per month
Upgrade to 1Gbps Unmetered for $200 per month

Cpanel/WHM is available for $39 monthly
Additional IP

/29 (5 usable IPs) – $5/Month
/28 (13 usable IPs) – $10/Month
/27 (29 usable IPs) – $20/Month
/26 (60 usable IPs) – $40/Month


Me and my friends are using AMinServe services for more than 7 years. I would like to admit Brilliant support and immediate help provided by the staff. They always do EXACTLY what I need with no delays! The up-time of all machines was 100%. I have never experienced any security or hardware issues with them! […]
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh,
I just love AMinServe it’s great no downtime awesome support great prices it’s the number 1 vps provider out there. I recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable host. Lisa Cafe
I have been using USA RDP since 2 last year and it was the best RDP I ever had. Both the uptime and connection speed was always great. I am using it for my SEO works also storing my important files. I recommend for all who need quality services. Mohammed
I have been with Aminserve for more than 2 years and their servers are cheap, reliable and their up-time is right there among the top. They respond to emails very fast and their support excellent. If you are looking for VPS go with these guys and they will give big name providers a run for […]
I just got one of the UK plans w/ the 10% off code and double CPU promotion. The archiving speed is AMAZING and it’s so nice to be able to download the programs I need without having to go through customer support like with a RDP. I hope this service is around for a long […]
Thats RDP is awsome evrywon need buy from this Quality VPS! Speed -AWSOME! Download- AWSOME Admin- AWSOME! Server – Awsome ! 5 stars from me ! By mastercho
Speeds are amazing, I get +30mb/sec download from FS and about 10-15mb/sec from RS, upload wise I get about 15-20mb/sec upload over a few connections to FS which is good. The RDP interface isnt laggy, so far I havent tested out torrents but I will eventually, I would assume it will do just as well […]
Great guy to deal with! Fast service and very helpful Great VPS! Highly Recommended!!!! By Surfer
I’m currently on the USA server , with the first plan and i must say its really worth it! I’m cursing myself for not trying this out earlier. The speeds to hf and fs are out of this world. rs and mu takes a bit longer (i’m talking about seconds here ) Thanks buddy By max13
it is actually quite good, quite fast, plus I have administrator permissions on my pc, so I can install any program ……. greetings … By xfaxnoix
I Vouch for Him Very trusted and kind seller I demo’d just now and MU speed were 15-20MBps and HF download were 10-15MBps on 512MB RAM Vps and 15+MBps on 1 GB RAM VPS . Yes Hotfile Download Works Also, the seller is very helpfull and provides best support all the time Go For It
I have been using services from last 2 years, and I am very much happy with the quality of service. I would recommend their servers to anyone who is looking for the best. Excellent team & email response is great!!! By Karotro