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Reducing kloxo memory requirements

Here is a little trick that will assist in squeezing the maximum RAM out of your Kloxo vps. This will modify how your MySQL functions. The main draw back to this, is the fact that it will break roundcube webmail functions, due to innodb getting dropped. (more info at:

Pureftp On Multiple Ports

Similar to mail server on some occasions there may arise a necessity to run ftp server (running pureftp) to run on multiple ports. Say for example if you want to run your ftp server on both the standard and customized ports (ie…port 21 and 31) you can follow the instructions below to make it work. […]

Install Minecraft Server on CentOS VPS

Virtual servers are the ideal hosts for minecraft servers. Setting up a Minecraft server is simple, but there are a few requirements you must double-check:

Modify SSH to Use a Non-default Port

A simple, but very effective, step you can take to enhance your server’s security is to update the port SSH uses to a port other than 22 (the default). To do this, login to your VPS as root and follow these steps:

Install VNC w/ Ubuntu Desktop on VPS

Similar to RDP for Windows servers, Ubuntu desktop and TightVNCServer will allow you to connect to a remote desktop running on your Linux VPS. This tutorial will guide you through the setup of a basic desktop and VNC server.

Update Your VPS Timezone

You may find that your virtual server’s default timezone is not the timezone you (or your users) reside in. Updating your timezone is simple: