Intel Processor Core i7 in Germany dedicated server

Security advisory: Mitigate MDS bug in Intel CPU

After Meltdown and Spectre attacks , now IT world is dealing with 4 newly discovered and even more dangerous vulnerabilities in Intel CPU, MDS. These new security vulnerabilities, which of Zombieload being the worst,  allow hackers to read the CPU processed data, including keys, from the cache while no particular access required!

Ghost Linux

A serious bug in all Linux OS

A new bug is announced in all Linux OS recently.It is about a package, glibc. This package is responsible for C libc libraries, (libm) ,POSTIX Thread, Name Server Caching Deamon (nscd) standard libraries. This vulnerability is from Heap Buffer OverFlow kind for nss_hostname_digits_dots() function in libc which are called by gethostbyname() and ethostbyname2() that make […]