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Advantages of VPS With BTC or Bitcoin

BTC: A Perfect Move towards Digitization of Currency

We have taken a step towards advancement of the payment methods. Bit Coin is the safest and anonymous payment method invented in the year 2009. It is a step towards advancement of payment methods available through internet. At the end, convenience matters and this is what we are providing? Get ready to enjoy the VPS with the Bitcoin and enjoy a complete new shopping experience.

Buy VPS with BitCoin

Gone are those days when traditional styles were acceptable. These days, people look for something new and this is a move to get people on a complete new track. The newly incepted Bitcoin payment method is considered to be the safest method for payment through internet. This payment method also generates invoice like others but it is safer and more reliable than others. Although this payment method is yet to be approved buy the national banks and governments but business world has already approved it. Whenever you request for transactions then you will be automatically send to the gateway through which you can proceed. This payment option is password secured so there is no threat of unauthorized access. Value of BTC also fluctuates as currency so you should have awareness about current value of the BTC. This revolutionary option is getting more acceptable with time. Since its inception in 2009, it has gained acceptability all across the globe. Even the countries of third world are also not untouched.

On the invoice page, you will find following written payment options:

Click-to-Pay URI

Scan-to-Pay QR code

Copy/paste payment methods

We are accepting BTC (Bit coin) for VPS, dedicated servers hosting, and website Hosting, RDP and domain registration/transfers. We will let you explore the potential of this newly incepted payment method that is the most suitable for the transactions online.

Click here to buy VPS with BitCoin

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