Use Linux VPS as proxy – SSH tunnel

If you own a SSH account (Linux or Windows), you might be able to surf internet using your SSH IP while keeping your connection secure. There are certain purpose of using your VPS IP such as:

  • Having a static IP for internet surfing
  • Securing your connection to internet
  • Unblock websites which are blocked in your own country

You will need a Linux VPS which can be ordered from our website or any other provider and a free software for SSh connection, Putty.

First Download putty of you don’t have it currently:

Run putty and type your VPS ip in the “Host name” field.


Go to SSH > Tunnels and enter a number like 1081 and below it select “Dynamic” and “IPv4” and click on “Add”.


Now click on “Session” to get back to the first page and enter a name in the “Saved session” box, then click on “Save”.

Click on “Open” and you will see the command line in which you need to enter your username which is “root” in most cases and hit enter. Put the VPS password and hit the Enter key.


You are almost done. Now, you are running a proxy server in your PC and you can connect any application to this server. For example, if you need your Firefox uses your VPS IP, follow this path in Options or Settings:

Advanced > network > Settings > Choose “Manual proxy configuration” and in the “SOCKS host” enter “” and in the port enter the number which you used in putty, 1081 in this case. Click on “Ok” and close option dialogue.

Now you are behind proxy and your browser uses your VPS ip to open websites.

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