Installing Filezilla FTP server and openning Windows firewall port

In this tutorial you will learn installing FileZilla FTP server in your Windows VPS/RDP and Opening necessary Windows firewall port in Windows 2008 R2.

1- Download the FileZilla server from its homepage:

2- Download FileZilla server and install it with default options.

3- Create a new folder on your VPS/RDP desktop and name it as “Ftp files”. All files will be uploaded to/downloaded from this folder.

4- Open FileZilla server and click on edit > users menu. In General page click on “Add” and input a username. Check the “Password box” and choose a password.

5- From “Shared folders” click on “Add”, choose the “Ftp files” folder which you created in step 3 and check all options. Click on OK and minimize the FileZilla window.

6- Windows firewall port is closed by default, you need to open the port for Filezilla server. Open the start menu and search for “firewall”. Open “Windows firewall with advanced security”, from left choose “Inbound rules” and click on “New rule” under the inbound rules menu at right.

7- Choose “Program” and click on next. Click on “Browse” and open”FileZilla server” from the installation path. The default path for FileZilla is “C:Program Files (x86)FileZilla Server”. Click on Next and choose “Allow the connection”, click next and check all 3 options. Now you need to input a name for this rules, type any thing such as “Filezilla server” or “ftp” and click on “Finish”

Now your RDP/Windows VPS is ready for FTP download/upload. You can connect to your FTP server using any FTP client such as FileZilla FTP client.

Video Tutorial:

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