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Daily and weekly backup from VPS and RDP

There were many requests to include backup ability for VPS and RDP plans. We are happy to announce that we officially launched this option for all VPS plans, RDP plans and hosting plans.

From now on you will see a new add-on while ordering for any of above services for weekly or daily backup. In this service, we make full copy of your VPS, RDP on offsite servers, means out of the hosted data-center and some times even in another country. In case of any hardware or network problems, you can request to restore your service either to the same node/data-center or to another data-center.

We tried to keep the price as low as possible. Weekly backup price is $5 monthly, regardless the service plan or size of had disk and will be made on Sundays. Daily backup (not available for all services) price is $20, again not important how much data do you have or which plan you are using.

Why do you need backup?

We at AMinServe believe that having a functional backup is vital for an online business. Keeping only one copy of your critical data such as databases and files poses a high risk. We always emphasized  how important it is to have periodical backups from your files and projects. Even though we check our servers hard disks for any failure at regularly intervals, but there are always risk of data loss. Your valuable data can be lost in many ways such as disk failure, hacking attacks, natural disasters, viruses or even personal mistakes. We can not insist more that if you care about your works, NEVER forgot backups.

Why using AMinServe backup service?

Backup procedure can be complicated sometimes. There are many apps and script for backup that can be run from inside of your VPS or RDP but what if some one accessed your service and disabled it? What if the backup was not functional in case of emergencies? If you order the backup services directly from us, you can be sure that you will have full functional and compatible backup at any time!

You can order this service at the link below:

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