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Aminserve Terms of Service

1. Introduction

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) applies to all customers of (“AMinServe”) who use our hosting services, hardware, networks, and other products and services. By using AMinServe services, you agree to be bound by the policies in effect at the time of use.

2. Modifications

AMinServe reserves the right to modify this AUP at any time by posting the revised policy. Revisions are effective immediately upon posting. You are responsible for reviewing this policy regularly for changes. Continued use of services after an update constitutes acceptance of the changes.

3. Prohibited Content and Activities

You may not use AMinServe services to engage in illegal activities or host prohibited content including but not limited to:

3.1 Unlicensed distribution of copyrighted media, published works, or other data protected by intellectual property laws;

3.2 Child pornography, abuse images, or other exploitative content;

3.3 Terroristic threats or incitements to criminal acts;

3.4 Defamatory, harassing, abusive, or obscene content;

3.5 Pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick schemes, fraudulent activities, or other deceptive practices;

3.6 DDoS attacks, spamming, hacking, phishing, or distribution of viruses, malware, or exploits;

3.7 Circumvention of access controls, exploration of vulnerabilities, or network probing without permission.

4. System Usage Restrictions

4.1 You may not attempt to undermine, circumvent, or manipulate the performance, billing, metering, usage restrictions, security tools, or configurations implemented by AMinServe. This includes falsifying headers, impersonating others, excessive automated queries, excessive manual refreshing of pages, or other excessive activities.

4.2 You may not attempt unauthorized access to AMinServe systems or networks, perform scanning, unnecessary port scans, session hijacking, meet-in-the-middle attacks, or other activities to derive information about our infrastructure.

4.3 You may not utilize our services for cryptocurrency mining without our explicit approval and appropriate hosting plan.

4.4 Services must be used as advertised and within all resource limitations including bandwidth, storage space, and CPU usage quotas. Accounts exceeding limits may be suspended until addressed.

5. Compliance Requirements

5.1 You are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws regarding your content, websites, applications, use of APIs, software, scripts, multimedia files, documents, interaction with other users, and all other aspects of your use of AMinServe services. This includes compliance with all applicable privacy, export control, consumer protection, child protection, and obscenity laws.

5.2 You must have the full legal right to publish or distribute anything hosted on or linked from accounts under your control. AMinServe shall have no liability for your failure to procure such rights.

5.3 If your website or account activity requires registration, licensing, or specific qualifications you must obtain all necessary credentials and comply fully with related regulations.

6. Server Management

6.1 Customers may not interfere with server operations, attempt unauthorized access to servers or infrastructure, or make configuration changes without AMinServe approval and participation.

6.2 Customers must maintain applications, software, scripts, and website security themselves or obtain our managed services for assistance. AMinServe is not responsible for securing accounts, websites, or software.

6.3 Customers may not run game servers, VPNs, TOR nodes, cryptocurrency nodes, streaming video/audio services or other high bandwidth services without AMinServe approval.

7. Reseller Responsibilities

7.1 Resellers are fully responsible for any abusive, infringing, or illegal activity originating from customer accounts managed by the reseller.

7.2 Resellers must investigate complaints or abuse alerts and immediately remove any violating applications, websites, users, content, or other source of an issue.

7.3 AMinServe may disable all accounts affiliated with a reseller until abuse issues are resolved. Resellers may not re-activate offenders.

8. Backups and Data Management

8.1 Customers are solely responsible for conducting regular data backups sufficient for their needs. AMinServe takes no responsibility for lost or corrupted data regardless of cause.

8.2 AMinServe may remove infringing material without notice if required by law or if hosted content creates exposure for AMinServe.

9. Technical Modifications

9.1 We reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue services with or without notice as necessary for maintenance, upgrades, response to abuse, resource constraints, or other technical reasons provided it does not materially disrupt customer operations.

9.2 We may migrate customer accounts between servers or data centers as needed to efficiently manage our network and resources.

10. Account Suspensions

10.1 We reserve the right to suspend accounts without notice upon discovery of violations of this AUP, non-payment, misuse of resources, security incidents, legal obligations, or other business or technical considerations as determined by AMinServe.

10.2 Accounts hosting illegal content or experiencing security incidents will be suspended immediately and may only be restored once abuse is removed or vulnerabilities closed.

11. Account Cancellations

11.1 Monthly services will be suspended on the renewal date if unpaid. The account and all associated data will be deleted within 5 days after suspension if the full payment is not received. Clients have to control the service expiry date themselves in their account to make sure the payment is applied correctly.

11.2 Pre-paid annual plans are non-refundable if canceled before the term expires.

11.3 Domain name registrations and dedicated servers are non-refundable products. Domains and servers will be terminated at the end of the billing cycle if unpaid.

12. Payments, Refunds, and Billing Policies

12.1 All PayPal or credit card payments must originate from properly verified sources/account not utilizing proxies or other masking techniques.

12.2 Hardware issues qualifying for refunds under our guarantees must be reported within 3 days and be unresolved after reasonable attempts to repair.

12.3 We do not provide refunds for active, terminated, suspended or cancelled services unless otherwise guaranteed at the time of purchase.

12.4 Services are billed in advance on a recurring basis. Invoices are generated 10 days prior to the due date. Invoice disputes must be reported within 7 days of receipt. Non-payment will result in account suspension per section 11.

12.5 We do not refund available account balance/credit.

13. Disclaimer of Service Warranties

Services provided by AMinServe are offered on an “as is” basis without warranties of any kind including merchantability, fitness for purpose, uptime guarantees, or service quality. We expressly disclaim any implied warranties and general liability for harm arising from use of our network and services.

14. Limitation of Liability

In no event shall AMinServe be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages including but not limited to loss of profits, revenue, data, or business opportunities arising from use of our network or services. Our maximum liability for damages shall not exceed the amount paid to AMinServe for the service giving rise to the claim during the month it originated.

15. Indemnification

You agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold harmless AMinServe, its affiliates, employees, directors, and representatives from any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) arising from your use of our network and services, alleged violation of this AUP or any additional agreement in effect, or infringement of any third party rights.

16. Force Majeure

AMinServe is not liable for any failure to perform due to causes beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to acts of God, natural disasters, acts of civil or military authority, fires, labor disruptions, pandemics, parts failures, or significant network disruptions.

17. Severability

If any clause or portion of this AUP is found invalid or unenforceable by law, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.

18. Non-Waiver

AMinServe’s failure to enforce any right or provision in this AUP shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision unless acknowledged and agreed to by AMinServe in writing.

19. Limitation of Actions

You agree that any legal proceedings arising from or relating to this AUP or our services must commence within 6 months after the claim or cause of action arises. After such time, any claim shall be forever barred.