Czech Servers in stock

We have recently expanded our Czech republic network so more servers in stock. Currently all Czech VPS plan and RDP are available in stock. Czech is located in central Europe and got good connection to both Asian and European network. We recommend Czech RDP for Asian users.

Remote desktop for MAC

To connect to your windows vps using remote desktop protocol (RDP) on your MAC computer, you can use this great app, CORD for free. Macs interact well with Windows, and with CoRD the experience is a bit smoother. Great for working on the office terminal server, administrating servers or any other time you’d like your PC to […]

RDP in android

Remote Desktop Client for Android

Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client for Android enables you to connect to your Windows computers across the Internet from a mobile device powered by Google Android platform. Once connected, it gives you mouse and keyboard control over your computer while showing you everything that’s happening on the screen. You can leave your computer without losing access […]